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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Why is this cap called the two in one cap?

A. The cap has two functions.

One is to warm the hair the other is to dry.

1. For warming the hair. Place the cap end of the Cool Cap on your head and the band end of the dryer. The heat from the dryer is directed to the cap and released through the vents in the band.

2. When you need direct heat to the hair for drying. You simply tear away the perforated cap and place one end of the band on the head and the other on the dryer.

Q. Will the Cool Cap cut the time I spend under the dryer?

A. The Cool Cap keeps the heat from the dryer on the head.

The hair will dry without any discomfort.

Q. Sometimes I get sleepy and dose off and out from under the dryer. Do I have to sit up straight with the Cool Cap?

A. You don’t have to sit up straight under the dryer with the Cool Cap. The wide vented band allows you to move your head w/out interfering with the dryer application. You can read, talk, hear, sleep (etc.) with the Cool Cap.

Q. Can the Cool Cap be used on children?

A. The Cool Cap is safe and sanitary. It is made of soft plastic with an elastic edge that fits snuggly against all heads comfortably with no adjusting necessary.

Q. When coloring the hair will the Cool Cap help keep the fumes away?

A. Strong odors caused by the chemicals used in the hair treatment process are released through the vents in the Cool Cap band and directed away from you. You will breath in cooler fresher air.

Q. I’m worried about my skin frying out under the hood dryer. Can I sit under the dryer now without the heat hitting me in the face?

A. The temperature from the hood dryer reaches well over 100 degrees. Have no fear none of this heat will touch your face because the heat is released through the dryer band.

Q. What guarantee do I have?

A. The Cool Cap offers fine quality merchandise. We believe that you will be completely satisfied with your purchase and we want to ensure that you have a satisfactory salon experience. Therefore, if you are not satisfied we will gladly accept returns 100%, no hassles, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Stay Cool Cap 

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