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Shake Your Beauty: Cool Cap Testimonial

Amazing Cool Cap help you to get cool under a hair dryer in less than an hour ! Try this its really Fantastic, a brilliant invention. :)

Brommer Brothers Show

I just looooooove your Cool Caps!!! My clients love them too. I wish I had thought of the idea! The first time I used one my client had been sitting under the dryer for about 10 minutes (she HATES the dryer!). She had about 20 more minutes to go. I had just received the Cool Caps and ran to get one. As soon as I put one on her she told me that she immediately felt cooler. About 5 minutes later she told me that she could actually concentrate on her magazine rather than how hot the dryer had been. She was amazed at how comfortable she was. They are simple to use. It works for me. I am now ready for my next box!

Beebe Love's Beauty Solutions-Atlanta

678-977-0755 or 404-934-9037

The Stylists411 team have tested this product & have found the stay cool cap to work. This is one of the greatest products we have found in the beauty industry to date. We are very proud to promote this product.



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